clever sharing solutions is, in its core, a search engine dedicated to items for hire. By consolidating all rentals at one place, we make it much easier for customers to find items for hire. But finding the items is not where the helpful features of the site end. Renters can view details, calculate exact pricing and availability, through to booking and paying for the items.

For renters, we make the whole hiring process much easier by putting item searches, product availability, and price comparisons all in one place. Then we further simplify by allowing one-stop payment of multiple hires. For lenders, easy listing procedures coupled with advanced business options mean anyone from a homeowner to a mega corporation can list their items for hire.

By streamlining the listing process we empower private individuals, allowing them to make items available in areas where professional hiring/renting is non-existent or is difficult to access. Lenders can reach more renters. Renters can access more items more easily. Everybody wins!

You can find more information on the site at' About and Facts pages.

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