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What we do

Gamarq, is an Australian company based on the Sunshine Coast in south-east Queensland. Our mission is to radically simplify hiring/renting and to expand the overall hire/rental market by making items easier to find and book and by also allowing private persons to hire what they already have and don't use too often.

Our first project that is now available is a website called AnyHire. is, in essence, a search engine dedicated to items for hire which not only allows companies to list their items, but it also allows individuals to do the same and list things they have but only use rarely.
You can learn more on our Projects page or directly on

What is coming

Lots. No, really. There are another two projects currently under development, however, no release date has been set as our main focus is currently on ensuring that is widely adopted and as helpful as it can be. Quite a few features did not make it to the first release and they are coming soon.

Next, we will be creating a few industry specific sister websites to which will partially share data with Also, we are cooking up an industry changer project, already three years under development, which we'll keep secret for the time being.

A few smaller supplemental projects are also in the pipeline and we will be releasing them in parallel with the main projects.

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